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Fujifilm X100T 0

Street Photography camera review – Fujifilm X100T by John Barbiaux

I really like this little camera, I like it so much that it will become my primary Street Photography camera from here on out.  The size, image quality, and ease of use make this the perfect camera, in my opinion, for Street Photographers.  The image quality is on par with that of the Leica (X100T has better high ISO capabilities)...

Fujifilm XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR 0

FUJIFILM 50-140 REVIEW by Expat Photographer

Great lens. Happy to have it. Congrats Fuji on a neat piece of glass. My friend Digital Trekker, an official X Shooter in Malaysia, has a more in-depth review on his site. If you haven’t check our dedpxl for Zack’s overview of Fuji X bodies andlenses. Source: http://expat-photographer.com/fujifilm-50-140-review/

Fujifilm X100T 0

Review of the Fujifilm X100T for Street Photography by Eric Kim

It’s Fuji X100T good choice for street photography? Eric shares his experiences and street photos taken with it. Then he compares it with X100S and X-T1. If you want to also be more of a “stealth” street photographer, the camera’s shutter sound is literally silent. In-fact, I have a problem not knowing when the camera takes a photo, I turn...

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Fujifilm XT-1…. Back to basics by Kjetil Kvien Madsen

Kjetil’s review of X-T1 is full of informations, personal experiences and photographs taken with X-T1. He uses it with Nikon D800 Nikon D800 (With 24 f1,4) and Fujifilm XT-1 (With 23 f1,4) There is a huge difference carrying these cameras around. The bulk and weight of the D800 is quite different. But still, my D800 will be my go-to camera...