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One year after switching to Fuji by Thierry NGUYEN

Interesting article about switch from fullframe Nikon D700 and APS-C Nikon D7000 to Fujifilm X. Thierry uses X100s and X-T1 even as pro photographer for paid jobs. Beautiful photos and interesting experiences. Moreover, you’re kind of invisible to others, it’s less intrusive than a DSLR. Have you ever been shooting outdoor and see people stopping by and stares at you?...

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The X100T: A review in five pieces by Patrick La Roque

I could talk on and on about details, performance etc… But at this point I feel I’d be repeating what so many others have already brilliantly said, including my buddies Bert Stephani andKevin Mullins. So this time instead of telling I’m just going to show. I spent the entire holidays shooting nothing but the X100T and below you’ll find 4...


Fuji X buyer’s guide :: part 1 :: cameras by Zack Arias

What are differences between Fujifilm X cameras and what body should you buy? Zack describes his thoughts and experiences with individual Fuji X cameras and then compare them with each other. If you still wondering, what body is best for you, this is perfect source of valuable information. This isn’t a review of the gear. This isn’t a gallery of...