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RoboSHOOT review: hybrid TTL flash trigger for Nikon/Fuji by Robbert Dijkstra

The RoboSHOOT is a TTL trigger for Fuji X-series cameras. TTL triggers have already been available for Canon and Nikon cameras for a long while, but this is the first TTL trigger for Fuji. Although this is already quite interesting, it is by far not the most intriguing feature of the RoboSHOOT triggers. The RoboSHOOT triggers have the ability to...

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First images of Fujifilm X70

X70 will be cheaper and smaller alternative to X100T. According to latest rumors, it will have same 16MPx X-Trans II sensor, newly developed 18.5mm f/2.8 lens, tilting display with touch control (first Fuji X camera with touch input). Another specifications seems to be same as current Fuji X cameras. This camera should be unveiled on January 15 (January 14 – 11:30PM NY-Time),...

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Fujifilm XF 35mm F2 R WR Lens by Derek Clark

Performance wise this new 35/2 is way ahead of the older lens! Focusing is way quicker, smother and quieter. Focusing is also internal, so no front end popping in and out like your Granny doing the Hokey Cokie. Aperture ring is tight and is the way all Fuji lenses should be. In fact, if you shut your eyes you would...

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Fuji XF 35mm F2 R WR vs. XF 35mm F1.4 R Lens Comparison by Patrick Leong

Comparison of two 35mm lenses from Fujifilm. Patrick compares their sharpness, bokeh, build quality and autofocus performance. Both lenses are excellent, and I’m not saying this just because I’m trying to be neutral. I’ve mentioned numerous times in my blog how the XF 35mm F1.4 is one of my favorite lenses. The XF 35mm F2 is one of Fuji’s top...

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The Samyang 12mm F2 – Fuji X Mount – Review by Colin Nicholls

I love this lens, its a cracking performer for landscape work, and gives a pleasing background blur when used close up, overall its a great lens to have in the bag and I’m sure my copy will get plenty of use, much more than my fisheye that’s for sure. Source: colinnichollsphotography.com


Fuji 90mm f/2 lens – a hands on review by Tom Grill

The sharpness of this lens is incredible. Once you try it and see the results, you’re going to have a tough time resisting a purchase. I really don’t know how Fuji — or anyone else for that matter — is ever going to top this. Source: aboutphotography-tomgrill.blogspot.com


Review: Fujifilm X-T10 by Chris Gampat

It’s been a little while since I awarded a camera with an Editor’s Choice Rating due to trying to overhaul evaluations over how camera companies are stepping up their game. The Fujifilm X-T10 really deserves it. By far, this is the best APS-C sensor of any camera in a comparable realm and it shows with the image quality. Fujifilm took...


Fujinon 90mm f/2 R LM WR Review: Break out the piggy bank by Bill Palmer

Much has been made of the speed of focus of this new lens and I have to say that it is snappiness personified—no hunting or hesitation here and the viewfinder pops in an instant, even on the X-Pro. This is due to the new “quad linear” motor that I expect to see more of in other lenses in the future...


First Impressions: Fujifilm X-T10 by CHRIS GAMPAT

The Fujifilm XT10 so far is shaping up to be quite a beautiful and powerful camera. There’s a lot to like for the consumer and even for the enthusiast. One of the company’s biggest strengths is its lenses–and that’s only going to make this even easier for us to fall in love with the camera. Read more at http://www.thephoblographer.com/2015/07/21/first-impressions-fujifilm-x-t10/#SZpIQJ0jVG4behVd.99 Source: thephoblographer.com


Fujifilm X-T10 | The X-T1 alternative for you by Anthony Hhurston

The X-T10 scored a respectable 3 out of 5 stars on our rating scale. The only things holding it back in my opinion are the lack of new features, price aside, that set it apart from the other X-Series cameras and a few design annoyances. But don’t let the average 3-star rating fool you, this is a killer mirrorless offering....


Fujifilm XF 16mm f/1.4 R WR Review by Dylan Goldby

This lens performs excellently in all areas, feels good in the hand, and balances well on the X-T1. Fuji just keep hitting home runs with their series of primes. I have been trying to fault the 16mm, but I really can’t come up with anything. Along with the 23mm, 35mm, and 56mm, I don’t ever feel at a loss for...


Fuji XF 16mm F1.4 R WR Lens Review by Patrick Leong

The XF 16mm F1.4 R WR lens in many ways can be considered a specialty lens, and this is something a manufacturer should not mess up because a lens like this is crucial to many photographers. I’m glad to say that Fuji has done a fantastic job in creating this fast wide angle prime. This is seriously one killer lens....


Fuji X-T1 VS Sony A7R – A Pixel-to-pixel showdown by Alik Griffin

Keeping in mind that this is the Sony A7r placed in APS-C crop mode. Had I put a 22mm lens on the A7r and shot full frame with a matched framing, the results would be much different in terms of noise control and detail. But the purpose here was to compare the two sensors at pixel-to-pixel level where real estate...


The Fujifilm XF 90mm f/2 review by Jonas Dyhr Rask

The XF 90mm f/2 is the highest performing lens I have ever mounted onto my X-series cameras. I beats all previous XF series lenses in just about every image quality aspect. Its the royal deluxe model of a portrait lens, and if you are a portrait or fashion photographer using the Fujifilm X-series you cannot pass this lens up. For...


Fuji X100T camera — a Hands-on review by Tom Grill

If a fixed lens, rangefinder camera is something you would like to use, then the Fuji X100T is something of a best-of-breed in the fully automated, digital genre. It is not for everyone. You have to like using this type camera. There is something to be said for the basic simplicity of restricting yourself to only one lens. I can...


First Impressions: Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 (X Mount) by Chris Gampat

Considering that this is Fujifilm’s first weather sealed prime lens, you have to expect great build quality. Nothing about this lens seems cheap: from its metal body, metal focusing ring, the satisfying clicks of the aperture, and the smooth focusing–it’s all absolutely beautiful. Source: thephoblographer.com