Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 First Impressions Review


So, is there room in the market for both the X-Pro2 and the X-T series? I think there is. In slightly simplistic terms, the X-T1 works in the same way whatever lens you put on it, whereas the X-Pro2 is at its best with a short prime lenses. While it’s true they both offer a similar experience through their electronic viewfinders, using the optical viewfinder on the Pro2 feels so special that reverting to the EVF ends up feeling like a work-around when you have to engage it. From a purely rational perspective it’s using the optical viewfinder that’s limited and inconvenient, yet it feels like you’re missing the point of the camera every time you switch away from this limited yet thoroughly enjoyable optical view.


David Nogol

Professional portrait photographer from Czech Republic. Shooting with Fujifilm gear since 2015. You can find my Fuji photos on my Instagram or 500px. I am author of e-book about portrait photography (for now only in Czech language). You can visit my personal page for portfolio and more info (also only in Czech)

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