From Leo to revelation | Not an X-Pro2 review by Patrick La Roque

stažený soubor

So what is it about the X-Pro2 that makes it so compelling? It feels right. For me this means it feels like a documentary camera, something made to disappear and embrace its surroundings—just like the X100 series. The immediate reflex will be to compare the X-Pro2 to its older sibling the X-T1. We ARE talking flagships here after all. And it’s obvious to everyone that this crown will probably be passing from one line to the other for the foreseeable future; but these are two very different cameras, philosophically speaking. I know it’s a strange thing to say about gear where spec sheets are pondered over and the minutiae of technology tends to supersede everything else. But there’s no other way to express it: the X-Pro line differs from the XT line in its aura. And in turn this changes our relationship with it and with the world we intend to capture.


David Nogol

Professional portrait photographer from Czech Republic. Shooting with Fujifilm gear since 2015. You can find my Fuji photos on my Instagram or 500px. I am author of e-book about portrait photography (for now only in Czech language). You can visit my personal page for portfolio and more info (also only in Czech)

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